Frankfurter & Sausage

Our halal frankfurters offer endless possibilities in the kitchen, with JONO’s classic chicken frankfurters available in large packs. Our range of jumbo sausages offers double the satisfaction with two sausages in one pack, and four delicious flavours to choose from: Wood Smoked, Cheese, Garlic and Sarawak Black Pepper.

halal frankfurters
halal classic chicken frankfurters
JONO Chicken Frankfurters 300g10
JONO Chicken Frankfurters 800g32
JONO Beef Frankfurters 300g10
Uni Chicken Frankfurters 300g10
Uni Beef Frankfurters 300g10
JONO Jumbo Wood Smoked Sausages120g2
JONO Jumbo Black Pepper Sausages120g2
JONO Jumbo Cheese Sausages120g2
JONO Jumbo Garlic Sausages120g2
Butcher Joe Jumbo Beef Frankfurters400g5