Deli Meat

JONO’s delectable range of halal deli meat offer a range of flavours in conveniently packed for single servings. We also have both chicken and beef pepperoni for the perfect pizza topping (or meaty additions to any dish, including cheese boards).

In addition to letting our customers create delightful sandwiches with assorted deli meat, we also offer smoked chicken and duck breasts, and black pepper chicken that are ready to heat and eat. As for halal bacon lovers, JONO’s beef streaky is a must-try!

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halal deli meats
JONO Chicken Toast 200g 200g20
JONO Chicken Toast 500g 500g8
JONO Classic Chicken Roll50g20
JONO Chunky Bologna50g20
JONO Jagdwurst50g20
JONO Mushroom Roll50g
JONO Paprika Roll50g
JONO Smoked Chicken Breast Roll50g
JONO Beef/Chicken Pepperoni50g
JONO Chicken Sandwich50g
Halal deli meats in Malaysia
JONO Smoked Chicken Breast200g
JONO Black Pepper Chicken 200g
JONO Smoked Duck Breast200g